Current Projects - Tri-axle Boat Trailer Refurb

One of our clients that we just recently finished a barge trailer for engaged us again to do a refurb on an existing triaxle boat trailer they have in their fleet.

We were instructed to do an initial assessment of the trailer and then provide a quote to make the trailer road worthy again.

Some of the items that were very rotten from saltwater corrosion were the axles, brake rotor/calipers and the springs were badly damaged with some even snapped.

We have quoted to fully replace the current items above with full stainless calipers and rotors along with braided stainless brake lines and a full in cab brake control system.

We will also be replacing the total wiring loom and lights along with some rollers that have been damaged.

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Fabbed Axles-3.jpg
Fabbed Axles-1.jpg
Fabbed Axles-2.jpg
Triaxle Trailer Refurbishment 3.jpg
Triaxle Trailer Refurbishment 1.jpg
Triaxle Trailer Refurbishment 2.jpg
Rotten Trailer Axle.jpg
Badly corroded brake caliper.jpg
Snapped leaf spring.jpg
Existing brake controller.jpg
Damaged rear rollers.jpg